A bit of longboard history

The “long” were some of the first boards used for surfing; Was the era of the ’50s and Hawaii, Australia and the southwest coast of California were Mecca for this type of sports. Over the years, the board “left” the water to take the asphalt, where the slopes made theirs, like those of San Francisco, California.

The ’60: The first boards were very rudimentary, mainly wood, measured about two meters and over the years especially in the 70’s, the boards began to become lighter, aesthetically more attractive and the wheels faster.

With the arrival of the ’90s, the boards underwent a revolution: just as before, several small companies began to manufacture boards by hand, the size and specific requirements of the “longboarder.” The materials used that went from the wood with polyurethane to almost entire boards of carbon fiber.

the right longboarding trucks will go a long ways

Longboards used for almost everything, whether in racing, slalom, carving or simply as a means of transportation. Being longer, it gives more stability, safety, and comfort than a regular skateboard. Their size and weight make them less suitable for street-type tricks, but both contribute to the longboard having a fluid movement and can travel a greater distance with a single impulse. Longboarding often compared to surfing and snowboarding. The stability provided by long wheelbase as well as the smooth turning caused by specially designed carving shafts make a longboard very similar to a snowboard or a longboard. Surfboard became popular along with culture through surfing in the mid-1950s. Longboarding originated in the streets of California, where it gave rise to many longboarders because of the rolling hills.

Groups and Clans

One of the groups that most influenced this sport are the Z-Boys, a group of skaters who went around the world in this sport, in this team were people like Stacy Peralta or Tony Alva. The Z-Boys had their style which they called Dogtown since what they did was not only to go down slopes, but they played on the streets. The Z-Boys have transferred to the screen in The Masters of Dogtown, film that has been directed by Stacy Peralta.

longboarding how to articles and videos

The longboard today

Today, longboarding made for any enthusiast of inertial sports, among which stand out the incredible Riders of ” LoadedBoards”. This group follows with videos on Youtube in which they show trips to perfect places etc. In this group, he emphasizes James Kelly and Kyle Chin who are capable of performing incredible maneuvers; his specialty is the Slide and Downhill, a movement that consists of skidding the ground and then slow down. Also in some countries, there are other great examples of Louis Pilloni.

Within the long skate, we find different modalities. Everyone joins us with the pleasure of moving from one place to another on board, but there are several ways to do it, we will throw them.

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