Surveillance Systems Are Now in Reach of Small Business Owners

surveillance system at convenience storeIt wasn’t that long ago that business owners were looking at an incredible outlay to implement proper surveillance of their premises. Not only that, but mainstream systems had a tremendous amount of ongoing expense, both in maintenance and monitoring. For this reason, many small businesses can never afford to implement CCTV systems, and they chose to accept the likelihood of customer or employee theft.

But modern technology has done an amazing job of collapsing both the cost and implementation curve of proper on-site surveillance. What used to be an incredibly involved ordeal of stream cable throughout the building, and then having to figure out who would sit at a bank of monitors and pay attention to whatever the cameras were picking up, is no longer required.

Today’s systems use cameras capable of capturing and recording surveillance activity wirelessly, using Internet protocol (IP) and comparatively inexpensive hard drives for storage. The benefits are amazing. For one, these cameras really only need a power source. Video no longer needs to be pushed down coaxial cable, but can be beamed directly to the storage device. This also has the benefit of not requiring someone to sit and monitor the surveillance activity, which was either incredibly expensive if paid staff were involved, or was a real hassle for a busy shop owner to monitor themselves.

And camera resolutions are several times improved over those of just a dozen years ago. You can now record activity in high definition, ultra 4K with ease. This can make it so much easier to determine if any funny business is going on while the cameras record. The CCTV film footage was generally grainy, making it very difficult to build an ironclad case against a suspected thief.

Because the equipment is mainstream and extremely simple to set up, full surveillance systems are now well within the reach of even small business owners. It’s no longer difficult to determine if the outlay to implement one is so high that it’s not worth the trouble. Anyone who has had employees engage in cash register theft can completely understand how quickly those losses can add up.

Surveillance is also useful for businesses exterior. If you have employees who are required to close up at night, using excellent exterior lighting and a continuous surveillance system makes it far safer for your staff. In fact, having a thorough system in place for monitoring all forms of risk will enhance safety and result in significant potential for lower liability insurance premiums from your commercial carrier.

At this point, there are very few negatives to implementing a quality system. We recommend Mammoth Surveillance Camera Systems in West Hartford as an example of a vendor with outstanding equipment and full implementation support.

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