Virtual real estate

Investments in real estate are the best investments, or at least that is what we have always been taught and is that for many specialists are one of the best investment alternatives, as it allows a person to acquire an asset that ‘s hard to depreciate,

That is possibly an increase in the value of time, and that, in some cases, can produce constant cash income.

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We have also been taught that investment in real estate is the least risky because it ‘s hard to disappear or lose all its value as it often happens with money in heavy inflationary periods or with bonds or certificates of value.

In other words, real estate investment is considered a low risk, safe and profitable investment, which is allowing you to earn a lot of money to many people.

But not everything is easy. Investing properly in real estate is complex because there are some possibilities, a great diversity of types of land, different locations, and above all an extensive range of prices, returns and most importantly the “risk.”

The person who is going to invest requires a fundamental knowledge of the real estate market to ensure that his investment will be profitable or at least that he will not have losses. Besides having a national legal framework that gives him certainty and somehow guarantees that the operations count With controls, rules, and laws for this type of business.

Second Life

All this because real estate market trends have experienced in recent years multiple variants and forms of investments so that, as with real-world real estate, virtual real estate offer to earn lots of money to many people anywhere in the world. One of the websites is Second Life, which consists of a virtual world, where people interact with each other, through the purchase of properties. Which are then improved and supposedly sold at a higher price; or lands that are subsequently used to establish virtual businesses; or agricultural estates that are using injections of capitals produce rents as a product of the activities carried out in them.

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It may be that these projects are cost-effective, provide real guarantees, have reasonable procedures, and comply with all they offer, but this is likely to be outside of proper rules and laws within national legislation because there are none. It is important that all these projects comply with aspects such as:

  • Registration in a national investment commission
  • Registration of different forms of securities to traditional ones
  • Guarantees secured by this board
  • Minimum information requirements that include costs, planning, feasibility and risks of investment.
  • Guarantees with legal and economic certainty
  • minimum requirements of projects such as agricultural capacities, technology, equipment and machinery, type of crops, water resources and others that would be indispensable to minimize the risks of investors.

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